True or Falls

As the saying goes by “There’s no other place like home” and yes that is true.

I’m from Laguna, Philippines we are famous for luxurious resorts, hot springs and even cold springs. But a lot of people didn’t know that we have so much more to offer rather than that. Like our awesome falls. Yes it’s true, its FALLS.

I am originally from Santa Cruz, Laguna, but I’m always at my Tita’s home in Kalayaan, Laguna its a very small town but home to the famous CBK Hydroelectric powerplant, one of the biggest hydro-power plant in Luzon. So I must say this is my second home and its the place where you will see the amazing Twin Falls.

Twin Falls is a natural wonder, its a resort under a falls so you are literally dipping in a falls when u swim there. Waters were cold so it’s a perfect chilling place where you can just bathe and relax. It offers some nice Nipa house cottages so you and your friends or your family can hang out. It has a view of the mountains so if you wanna go hiking just ask the locals so they can tell you where to hike.

I love this place for this is like a second home to me and I love dipping in the water. So the next time you go for a relaxing adventure then come and go here and I will tour you around.


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