How To Pose For Instagram Photos

Well, are you an Instagram newbie? or having a hard time posing for your killer instagram photos? Then you click the right article. Here are some tips on how you can easily strike a pose for your instagram photos.

1. Know your angle.

If you know the angle that best suites your face then your selfies will be much more easy to shoot. To know your best angle just simply look at the mirror in every angles and direction when you feel good about a certain angle then that is the right angle for you. Usually, the angle sideways your face is the best.

2. Be in the mood.

This is actually the best tip, when you are feeling the mood and the vibe of your shoot then shooting will be breezy. If you have a happy surrounding or your personality is joyful then just smile more. Or sometimes you want a serious mood then act as if you are murdering someone (but in a fierce way).

3. Let loose.

Well, when striking a pose you have to let loose and don’t be stiff. What I usually do is move around as graceful as I can. But when you think you are still stiff then just do not overthink coz sometimes awkward poses really take a great shot. Sometimes, don’t focus more on the camera and just be yourself and be confident because it shows on your photo.

4. Focus on your eyes.

Posing requires a lot of body language but did you know that when you just only focus on your eyes and not just focusing on your moves then you should have a great photo. It’s like focusing all your intensity and emotions into your eyes. That is why it’s called the windows to our soul.

5. Take a test shot first.

Well you know photos oftentimes are beautiful when it’s a candid shot. so before you take a photo try a couple of test shots first. Actually a lot of my Instagram photos are test shots, it’s more candid and much more of a story-teller.

6. Lastly, Have fun!

That is actually all you need to know because when you are having fun it will show in your photo. So have fun shooting and let me take a look on how you did using my tips, tag me on my Instagram account!

If you have more tips on how to pose for photo on instagram. Just comment down below!


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