How I Edit my Instagram Photos

So I get a lot of questions since I post my other article on “How to pose for Instagram photos”. Lots of people are asking me how I edit my instagram photos or basically my photos so I decided to write this article. Hope you’ll like it or even use my simple techniques.

First of all you have to install some editting apps. I usually use BeautyPlus, Camera360, VSCO, PicsArt, Snapseed and of course the Instagram app. (I just listed the free apps so everyone can relate)

I use Beautyplus for editting portraits, usually I just smoothen a little bit (15% is enough) and adjust the tone but sometimes I don’t, I just love how it brightens the dark circles on my eyes.

While when using Camera360, I don’t do the effect thingy, instead I just use the portrait mode and then I just usually adjust the brightness (it is called whiten during portrait mode). That is my most frequently used coz it makes my photo much brighter.

On the other hand, I don’t usually do the VSCO. I only use it when my picture is dramatic. Usually HB2 and HB1 looks great but I don’t overdo it (maybe 6%, i guess that’s enough). Or I use A5, but usually use it when my picture is too bright.

Now my favorite is PicsArt, same thing I don’t like putting effects or filters. I use this one when I do collages, adding text to photos and putting customized background. Which I like, because I’m a photo geek, I love mixing photos. Snapseed also does that certain things but I use PicsArt more.

Finally, when I think my photo is ready to be posted I use the Instagram App editor. I dont do too much filter but when I does, usually I use moon, inkwell and my most frequently used clarendon. But I don’t overdo it, usually just around 50-80%. I also add a bit sharpness and adjusting a minimal amount of highlights and shadows. Sometimes I play along the brightness and contrast but that just depends on my photo.

Remember when editting your photo. Make it natural as possible coz the picture loses quality if it’s overly edited. Just think simple and classy if it looks that way then you did a great job in your photo edits. 

If you wanna see my photos just follow me on Instagram. It’s @aldregallen. Enjoy editting and be creative! 🙂


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