Plotaverse Mobile App Review

Have you heard about still motion pictures?

Yes! You heard it right. It’s a still photo with some parts having a motion in it.

There are certain professional photography apps which can do it but now they’re introducing a simple way to how to do it with just a few clicks away.

I am an android phone user and since I heard the news about this new app I gave it a try.

It’s called ‘Plotaverse’. It is available on googlr play store and on apple store as well. And it’s for free as of the moment.

There are still few bugs when I first download it such as it took forever to load your video.

First, I selected a photo which I think, cool to have motions in it such as a photo with running water. Then, I load it to its work area which I’ve mention earlier took too long to load. Afterwards, you select directions on where you want the motion in your photo be. It’s in the animate tab. Then you might wanna mask the area/s you dont want the motion to be in.

There is a play button so you can see if you masked it correctly, it’s kinda hard to do that actually and the play button is lagging most of the times. When you’re finished you will just export it and voila you have a still motion photo which you can upload in social media sites such as instagram. But they are also developing this platform in a social media manner as you can also post your work here in this plotaverse app.

Your creativity and eye for beauty will surely shine in this mobile app. And I guess this will be the future of photos. Maybe!

Here’s how I did on my first try:


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