Conquer Depression Thru Arts


Just when anxiety hits me, it seems that I can’t control my life, I just stopped worrying. Usually I get up on our rooftop and just breathe some fresh air. I have my sketch pad and some of my color pastels and do not think of the problems I am facing. Sometimes you just have to forget reality, calm yourself and seek happiness within.

Do something that you love. We all know depression sucks, and when you screw up just let it be. We are all human, we commit mistakes just forgive yourself and forget. Anyways, one’s inner happiness is all that matters and remember there will always be someone who loves you, someone who cares.


We Stay Chill


Why is that everytime we do not have a subject for painting or drawing, we will just paint a picture of a tropical location? With the palm trees, the sand and the ocean.

This is the first time I posted my painting online so I just posted a basic painting. Promise, I will post more and much artistic.

How to Stay Positive in Life


I know that the struggle is real and sometimes staying positive is hard. But hey, we only have one life so don’t let negativity come in our way! So here are my tips on how you can stay positive.

1. Call family members.

When your feeling down, call a family member or your bestfriend who you treat as family they are always the greatest support system. Tell ’em how you felt and trust me you’ll feel great.

2. Pray.

Well, this may be the best tip on this bunch. When you pray your spirit feel an unexplainable refreshment and you will instantly feel good. Plus, it also strengthen your relationship to God.

3. Be motivated.

Always remember your life goals, your dreams that you seek for a reality, the reason why you wake up. And always remember that even if life sucks for now, tomorrow it’ll be better.

4. Take time to relax.

The day to day life is very stressful so always find a time for yourself, a time to relax and refresh. Say once a week, it’s very important for you relax so that your mind and body will not be tired and drain.

5. Appreciate little things.

It is very important to learn the art of appreciation. Appreciate even the smallest of thing you get that way you will always feel blessed and that’ll how you appreciate life even more.

6. Think of others.

Well, this may be sound vague but you should think of others too. No man is an island and your not the only one who struggle in this world. Each and every one has their own story instead of dwelling be inspired by them and be an inspiration.

7. Laugh your problems out.

Instead of continuous complain about your problems why not laugh it all out. Problems will always be a problem so face it, laugh it out or just dont care coz you are bigger than your problems.

8. Dont take yourself so seriously.

Yes, I know you need to be serious and all but dont take it too much. Life is all about how you live it and not about how many achievements you have. Plus you will also look young if you’re a smiling face so start to turn that frown upside down.

9. Lastly, have fun!

Life is all about having fun! Enjoy your life coz we only live once! πŸ™‚

So what else do you have any more tips on how to stay positive in life? Comment down below.