Dive into an amazing early summer adventure with TechnoMarine


Summer is the best time to frolic at the beach, spend some leisure time under the sun, explore the wonders of the sea or travel to new and amazing destinations. Keep track of your wild summer exploits with a watch from the TechnoMarine’s Cruise Night Vision collection.

The perfect watch for deep and dynamic adventures, the Cruise Night Vision is skillfully crafted for any activity in both land and sea. It has a super luminous feature on its indices and hands to allow the wearer to tell the time even underwater.

Water resistant for up to 200meters, it is suitable for various underwater escapades including recreational scuba diving.

The Cruise Night Vision is stylish and easy to wear. Defined by bold and vibrant colors, thetimepiece has silicone straps, metal dial and a secure buckle clasp. It comes ina sleek 46mm stainless steelcase with silicone cover.

Surely, with TechnoMarine, you can enjoy an early summer filled with wild, fun, and exciting adventures.

For more information, visit https://www.technomarine.com/ or visit TechnoMarine stores in Greenbelt 3, Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Magnolia, Shangri-La Plaza, SM City Cebu, SM Lanang Premier Davao, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, TriNoma, SM North Edsa.


No time to wait this season of love with TechnoMarine

There’s no better time to show how much you and your partner love each other than this season of hearts. Whether it’s a couple watch or for yours alone, there are timepieces that will surely complement each of you as a person and bind you as a pair.

Perfect for couples with distinct personalities and flare, TechnoMarine’s Cruise Ceramic and MoonSun Black Dial are best for young couples who like to go out on adventures and explore endless possibilities together. As the newest addition to TechnoMarine’s Cruise collection, the 22mm Swiss Ceramic watch for her uses Mother of Pearls in its dial and high-quality diamond in its hour mark.

Meanwhile, MoonSun Black for him comes in 44mm case in stainless steel with a push crown and metal dial that exudes gentlemanly elegance.

TechnoMarine also offers matching timepieces from its extensive Manta Sea collection for sophisticated and mature couples who never back out of challenges. Made with sleek silver dial and black bezel, both watches come in stainless steel cases, 44mm for him and 32mm for her.

Committed to delivering exceptional timepieces with attributes of freedom and elegance, TechnoMarine offers innovative watches with the highest of standards. Founded in 1997, TechnoMarine successfully merges the art of horological innovation with spirited design.

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For more information, visit and like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TechnoMarinePH/ and follow them on Instagram @technomarineph.

Brilliant love month surprise with My Diamond

The season of love is here! Raise the bar and surprise her with something that symbolizes your everlasting love. Give her the perfect gift from My Diamond, exquisite and elegantly designed jewelry creations that will surely melt her heart.

Surprise her with an elegant 14k white gold Rosita pendant with 9 pieces 0.15 carat diamonds and diamond bail w/ 10pcs 0.02 carat diamonds or 14k white gold Rosita Stud earrings with 18 pieces .5 carat diamonds.

Make her shine even brighter with larger and bolder pieces such as the 14k white gold multi way heart pendant with 3 pieces .37 carat diamonds and 24 pieces .18 carat diamonds or a pair of 18k white gold heart stud earrings with 50 pieces .29 carat diamonds and .87 carat diamonds.

Dazzle her with your romantic surprises and make this love month’s celebration even more memorable with My Diamond.

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2 Months Hair Growth Update!

I was about to grow out my hair last year but unfortunately, I got admitted to the hospital and medications have side effects which is some sort of hair loss. So I cut it every now and then until my hair is growing back to normal again.

I had my haircut last December 2017 and since then I haven’t visit the barber because I want to try to grow out some hair.

Here’s a picture of me back then:


And here it is now!!!


They say it is growing so fast but for me, it still got a long way and frankly I don’t know how long I can keep this up. I just wanna try a long and straight hair (maybe down to my shoulders). I have tried a lot of different look but that just one that I haven’t. I don’t know if it will suit me but I wanna try. xx

2018 Hairstyle Trend For Men


This 2018, that one word that will describe the hairstyle trend for men is “edgy”. The edgier the better, if your hair is short make it super short and if your hair is long make it super long. It’s all about exaggerating the look. Undercut will be in for short, medium and long hair.

Here are some hair-spiration you can do:

images (2).jpeg

For medium hair, do a sided bangs.

images (3)

For a long undercut do a man bun or a ponytail.

images (1).jpeg

For short hair, a Neymar Jr. undercut is the best choice.

Geeky Blue Everyday Style




Sometimes I style myself geeky so I look smart (just kidding). The blue patterned long sleeve partnered with a white short and a black leather shoes fits for everyday style, accessorize it with a geeky shades and your good to go. This style is perfect going to the mall, hanging out with friends or just having a coffee at your favorite coffee shop.


Why I Love The Color Red


Honestly, before my favorite color is blue, in fact if I buy stuffs i always make sure that it is color blue or somewhat significant. But why did I switch to the color red?

Well, for me Red is the color of our blood and fire, it is associated with meanings of love, passion, sexuality, lust, desire, sensitivity and romance although it is also associated with rage, anger, malice, wrath, etc. But it is also a symbol for leadership, courage, victory and determination.

The color red also matches my personality as it identifies as extroverted and optimistic, courageous and confident.

Although when you like the color red it also means that you like to be in the center of attention and other people are drawn to your extreme personality and the excitement you emit.

Red persons are achievement orientated and will never ever quit until he/she reaches his/her goal. They usually gain the respect of others quite easily because they’re practical and have a grounded attitude.

They say people who favors the red personality have a passion and enthusiasm for life and is not afraid to pursue their dreams and their goals. They are hardworkers and deeply enjoys working as long as it is their passion.

When we see the color red we first think of love and compassion. Which is why people who love the color red are romantic and will do anything for their love. They will sacrifice and do whatever it takes as long as they see their partner happy.

The negative thing about the color red is that it also symbolizes war and anger as it is the color of blood. Well I guess red people have a split personality either radiant and calm or kinda angry.

Courage and bravery also associates with the color red. Which is why in that case they are not afraid. They face problems, fears and stress with all their might.

So I guess that’s enough reason I switched to liking the color red. For I believe my personality matches this color. And they say it suits me when I’m wearing the color red. You? What do you think? Did I missed any significance of the color red with some personality traits? What is your favorite color? Let me know in the comments section so I can try to explain the significance of that color with your personality traits.