Coron: The Best Island in the World


Coron is a municipality located in Palawan, Philippines. It comprise of the eastern half of Busuanga Island, all of Coron Island and about 50 other minor islets stretching as far as Tara Island in the north-east and Canipo Island in the south. All these islands are part of the Calamian Archipelago in Northern Palawan.


We booked a tour to see for ourselves why is Coron so popular among tourists. We booked a 4 days 3 nights stay in the island courtesy of a travel agency so there’s no hassle in touring.


We arrived in Coron at 8 in the morning and the first leg of our tour will start at 3 PM so we have a lot of time to rest. We stayed at Residencia Hotel, not the biggest hotel but definitely comfortable and accomodating.

At exactly 3PM our tourist van arrived and we will be having a town tour just for us to familiarize the town we will be in the next days.

We went around town, the souvenir shop, St. Augustine Church, we climbed Mt. Tapyas and relaxed in Maquinit Hot Spring.





On the 2nd day is the Coron Island Tour, we went to the famous Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Beach 91 and went snorkelling to places which I forgot the name but there are plenty of corals and there’s a shipwreck.







And on the 3rd day we went Island Hopping. I must say this is the best day of our tour coz I love the beaches. We went to Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and Bulog Dos Island.








Now I know why Coron is very famous not just in the Philippines but in the whole world. It has the best beaches I’ve ever been to, it has the clearest waters as in super pure, and the nature trip with its wide forests. I wanna go back here if ever I have a chance because this is one place that I surely love!


What I Love To Do In Pampanga


Pampanga is a province in the central region of the Philippines. It is located north of Manila and its capital is San Fernando, in Pampanga is Angeles City and was considered as a highly urbanized and first class city.



Deca Wakeboard Park in Lubao is where I always wanted to go in Pampanga.

Wakeboarding is a sport which involves riding a wakeboard over a surface of body of water.




I also love going to Clark! It is a former air force base in the Philippines but now it is redeveloped as the Clark Freeport Zone. There are a lot of restaurants and hotel casino there, such a highly urbanized place.



And lastly, I love going to Poracay a resort in Porac Pampanga where there is a lot of activities like the zipline, kayaking, and a lot more.

I also heard of Fontana Resort but I havent been there so next time I’ll update you if I will have a chance to go there.

Some Places to Visit in Baguio City


Philippines is a tropical country but still there are some cool places here especially the famous Baguio City. It was dubbed as the”Summer Capital Of The Philippines” but not because it has beaches but it is the only cold region in the Philippines.

Here are some destinations to visit if you go here:

Burnham Park


Mines View Park


Diplomat Hotel


Camp John Hay


Baguio Cathedral


Philippine Military Academy



Bell Church


Strawberry Farm


Where else did I missed? Comment down and let’s go there.

My Boracay Experience


The island of Boracay in the Philippines is probably one of the most famous island all over the world. Every day tourist from different countries gather here to experience the beautiful white sand beach. I am so much thrilled when we got here. From Manila to the province of Aklan. You will not be lost as there are many tour guides and locals that will welcome you in this place.


There’s a lot of activities in this place rather than just sunbathing. Like island hopping, ATV ride, boat ride, parasailing, snorkeling, helmet diving, boat paddling, cliff diving and a lot more.








I am surely will miss this place coz I just love the tropics!





I Stayed in A Cool Hotel in Clark, Pampanga


I had a chance to have an adventute trip to Pampanga and I must have a very nice shoutout to the hotel I stayed in.

It’s Widus Hotel in Clark, Pampanga. A Korean owned hotel which I must say is very classy and I had so much comfort staying in.

Staffs were very nice and the room is very cozy. I can even spend all day in the room. I love the swimming pool because its very relaxing and I had so much fun swimming.

I hope someday I get back here. I love this place!



Signs to know if a person is a native from Laguna, Philippines


Laguna is an awesome province in the Philippines. It was home to beautiful resorts, hot and cold springs and water falls. Especially, we the locals are so amazing. Here is how you can distinguish if a person you know came from this beautiful province.

1. The constant use of “ah” “eh” “ih” “oh”.

In almost every sentence you’ll here those vowels when we speak. For example, instead of saying “wala naman” we say “wala naman ah” or “wala naman eh” or, “wala naman ih” or “wala naman oh” and it varies depending upon our emotion. Taga laguna ih!

2. The famous buko pie.

Well, you’ll know a person is from Laguna if he/she brought buko pie as pasalubong. That is because that is one famous delicacy from the province and its very delicious tho.

3. The hard sounding of ‘r’.

When a native lagunense speak we have a very hard sounding ‘r’. I guess because our ancestors speaks that way and we inherited it.

4. The na- wordings.

Well, I dont know this until I went to Manila. That the na- is a wrong use in the tagalog language such as nakain, instead of saying “kumain ka na ba?” We say “nakain ka na ba?” And I think that’s awesome.

5. The modeling world.

When you are in Manila and you told them your from Laguna, instantly they will knew that you came there for modeling. That’s a sure thing cos hey we inherited some nice genes. But basically, thats true base on my experience I came to Manila when I was 15 to pursue a career in modeling.

6. The accent.

This one is hard to distinguish cos in every part of Laguna there are different but sometimes slightly similar accents. Like in the southern part of Laguna, there’s Lumban where their accent is putting -ng to every word that ends in letter ‘n’. Like instead of saying ‘ngayon na’ they will say ‘ngayong na!’. Or in Cavinti they have this angry-like sound “Ya-ih”. Or in Paete where they sound so malambing.

7. The “pabalot” style.

When you eat with a Lagunense and you have a lot of left over food. He/she will instantly make “pabalot”. Well, that is because we are well taught of not wasting food.

8. The beki language.

If someone regardless of gender even when a lagunense is a male or a female he/she will understand and can speak the beki language. I dont know why may be because a lot of beki words came from tagalog words?

Well, that is all of I can think now. So if you have any more signs then do write it in the comment section down below so I can re-edit this article and add your taughts.

Carabao Island: A hidden paradise

Many of us knew that when you visit the Philippines, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Boracay white sands located at Malay, Aklan. But did you know that there are a lot these region can offer.

From Aklan, riding an hour boat trip comes the province of Romblon and home to a very beautiful virgin island called “Isla de Carabao” or Carabao Island. I asked our tour guide why it was named after the national animal of the Philippines and he told me that there are a lot of Carabaos in the island.

Since Boracay is a beach destination for partying, and if you are looking for just an island where there is peace and quite then I will recommend this for you. Since I am the only young one during our trip there and I am the only one who loves to take a dip in the water so i went snorkeling. And guess what, I’m the only person in the beach, no passersby and no one ruining my day. Just me and the beautiful white sand beach.

I enjoyed snorkeling, and I actually caught a starfish (dont worry I just took a photo of it and took it back to the water). I saw a lot of sea creatures I just dont know what it is. After that our tour guide have us some boodle fight meal and I must say the food is really great! One of the best shrimps I ever had (I just forgot what they are called), and the fish is great!(but I also forgot what’s the name of it).

Then, after a delightful meal I went on sunbathing. It was very peaceful and quite you will only hear the sound of the waves. They offer massage in the beach front too so it’s perfect for relaxation.

I highly recommend this place when you go to your next trip to Boracay, so after partying take a day to visit this relaxing and majestic hidden white sand beach.