Carabao Island: A hidden paradise

Many of us knew that when you visit the Philippines, the first thing that comes to mind is the beautiful Boracay white sands located at Malay, Aklan. But did you know that there are a lot these region can offer.

From Aklan, riding an hour boat trip comes the province of Romblon and home to a very beautiful virgin island called “Isla de Carabao” or Carabao Island. I asked our tour guide why it was named after the national animal of the Philippines and he told me that there are a lot of Carabaos in the island.

Since Boracay is a beach destination for partying, and if you are looking for just an island where there is peace and quite then I will recommend this for you. Since I am the only young one during our trip there and I am the only one who loves to take a dip in the water so i went snorkeling. And guess what, I’m the only person in the beach, no passersby and no one ruining my day. Just me and the beautiful white sand beach.

I enjoyed snorkeling, and I actually caught a starfish (dont worry I just took a photo of it and took it back to the water). I saw a lot of sea creatures I just dont know what it is. After that our tour guide have us some boodle fight meal and I must say the food is really great! One of the best shrimps I ever had (I just forgot what they are called), and the fish is great!(but I also forgot what’s the name of it).

Then, after a delightful meal I went on sunbathing. It was very peaceful and quite you will only hear the sound of the waves. They offer massage in the beach front too so it’s perfect for relaxation.

I highly recommend this place when you go to your next trip to Boracay, so after partying take a day to visit this relaxing and majestic hidden white sand beach.