The Best Hairstyles for Long Hair (Men)


There’s nothing wrong with having an abundance of hair, and while men with ponytails are often met with scorn, guys with long hair are able to create a range of stylish and versatile looks. Check out our complete guide on long hairstyles for men.

Man Bun

The sheer amount of man buns around have proven that this twisted knot isn’t just a phase or a passing trend, it’s definitely here to stay and it’s fast become a staple of a stylish guy. The man bun gets better because it’s not just one set hair style, there are multiple ways to rock it.

Being one of the easiest updos for long hair, the style can be adapted depending on how comfortable you want your hair to feel, how much time you’re willing to put in, and how far you’re willing to push the boundaries.


This is one of the most common styles for people with long hair – a simple male ponytail. This is really for everybody, male and female of all backgrounds and cultures. Rocking this style at some point is a must for anybody with lengthy hair. This might be the original way to manage long hair as it is so easy to achieve and it is really effective.

Perm Curl

Long curly hair for men is a style that’s ideal for men with thick locks, as you can pretty much let your hair do what it wants. This really is one of the best long hairstyles for men with thick hair, as the longer length will help to weigh down your curls, keeping them defined and less likely to turn frizzy. A little gel or wax can keep your curls in place, and a good moisturizing shampoo will maintain your hair’s health and keep it sleek and manageable.

Shoulder Length

Men’s shoulder length hairstyles don’t have to be tousled hipster manes or braided masterpieces that require constant styling. You can easily things relaxed with a simple side-swept look that allows your hair to fall naturally. With this style, it’s best to avoid anything that will take away from the natural look, so try not to go for anything like a middle parting, which will add a rigid, structured finish.

Extra Long Hair

So we’ve shown you some classic hairstyles for men with long hair, but sometimes nothing can beat just letting your hair grow out. Long hair can really make a statement, and, as long as it’s properly taken care of, won’t look messy or unkempt. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that men’s long hairstyles can look a little blunt if they’re dead straight, and it’s best to add some texture and waves to your locks if you’re going for this style. 


2 Months Hair Growth Update!

I was about to grow out my hair last year but unfortunately, I got admitted to the hospital and medications have side effects which is some sort of hair loss. So I cut it every now and then until my hair is growing back to normal again.

I had my haircut last December 2017 and since then I haven’t visit the barber because I want to try to grow out some hair.

Here’s a picture of me back then:


And here it is now!!!


They say it is growing so fast but for me, it still got a long way and frankly I don’t know how long I can keep this up. I just wanna try a long and straight hair (maybe down to my shoulders). I have tried a lot of different look but that just one that I haven’t. I don’t know if it will suit me but I wanna try. xx

How Does 6 Months Of Growing Out Hair Looks Like


Growing out hair is kinda tough especially when you are a guy. You have to experience the ever crucial awkward stage and it took very long in order to pass that.

But I tried growing out some hair just to see if it suits me or not. Will I look like a girl if I had long hair or it will look good on me like an action star.

Well to know this, I must try and see for myself. So here you go, here’s a picture of me before and after 6 months of growing out some hair.


Does it suit me? Or do you think the short hair works for me best? Well, comment to this post so that I will know.